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Avis Rent a Car sets global trend launching a new product: Avis Car Where You Are

Avis Rent a Car, the leading car rental company in South Africa, is now offering a world first product, Avis Car Where You Are.  This unique offering allows individuals and businesses to rent a single long term (3 to 11 months) rental for a vehicle that can be returned in one city on departure and substituted in another city on arrival (within South Africa) continuously, with billing made on a single monthly agreement.

The Avis Car Where You Are is a perfect substitute for vehicle ownership. Renters don’t have the hassle of buying or financing and maintaining a vehicle of their own and the benefits include:

  • No bills for airport parking
  • No maintenance costs to worry about
  • No finance settlement or insurance payments
  • No annual relicensing
  • No additional costs when you travel (on same car group)
  • No cancellation or early termination penalties, just send the car back and your rental bill stops there

Renters can upgrade within different cities in South Africa, to suit their mobility needs. For example, customers can upgrade their rental vehicle to a larger one if they want to take their family on holiday. They must simply pay the rate difference and can then go back to the vehicle size they rented originally. This innovative service is set to save customers time and money and add convenience by giving them access to a selection of cars from the extensive Avis fleet.

“We are proud to launch the Avis Car Where You Are offering to our customers, this is a game-changer in the car rental industry. It enhances the car rental experience because it is convenient, makes financial sense and it doesn’t cost our customers more than what they would spend to buy a car,” said Rainer Gottschick, Chief Executive Officer, Avis Rent a Car southern Africa, “customer service is at the heart of our business and we’re always listening to our customers’ needs and finding ways to satisfy those needs.”

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