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Avis B-BBEE Announcement

Avis Rent a Car’s latest Level 3 B-BBEE rating reflects the company’s continued progress on its empowerment objectives thanks to growing black ownership and its commitment to socio-economic investment and skills development.


The success of the company’s empowerment journey is reflected in the fact that Avis is now 54,86% black owned, with black women’s ownership at 21,33%.


The company – the Rent a Car division of Barloworld South Africa (Pty) Ltd – is committed to transformation, and the current contributor rating comes on the back of an ongoing empowerment and development strategy. 


On the company’s BEE scorecard, Avis achieved:
•    23.65 of the target 27-point score in the ownership category (54.86% Black ownership and 21.33% Black Woman Ownership) 
•    13.88 out of 19 in the management control category (73% of the target)
•    19.2 out of 20 for skills development (96% of target)
•    27.45 out of 40 for enterprise and supplier development (69% of target)
•    8 of a target score of 5 for socio-economic development (160% of target)
•    A procurement recognition level of 110%


The Avis successes in skills transfer can be credited to an employee development programme that awarded 42 study grants and 166 learnerships. An internship programme undertaken by Avis awarded 4 SETA-funded graduates permanent employment status after the 12-month programme concluded. The company’s 39 SETA-funded N6 learnerships saw 23 of the interns appointed as permanent employees. A total of 190 742 training hours and 1 595 training interventions took place.  


The high socio-economic development score reflects the company’s support for key projects in education; environment and conservation; youth development, humanitarian and welfare activities. 


“Avis has been on a long empowerment journey, and we are really excited about the progress we are making,” said Rainer Gottschick, Chief Executive of Avis Rent a Car. “We have succeeded in empowering black stakeholders across our operations, especially black women, who are now prominent throughout the Avis organisation.”


“We are also succeeding in driving empowerment down the value chain by encouraging the efforts of all our partner suppliers to accelerate transformation in their operations. We look forward to making progress together in the broad-based empowerment of black people, and the achievement of meaningful change in our industry,” he concluded.

Avis B-BBEE announcement