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One continuous rental...

Offering a single long term (3 to 11 months) rental agreement for a vehicle that can be returned in one city (on departure) and substituted in another city (on arrival) continuously, within South Africa, for individuals and businesses.

The "Avis Car Where U Are" is the perfect substitute for vehicle ownership. Not only is your car wherever the plane lands (in South Africa) but you also don't have the hassle of buying/financing and maintaining a vehicle of your own.

In addition, you can upgrade the vehicle when needed, perhaps when you're taking the family on vacation, and then return to the original vehicle size when you get back.

No bills for airport parking, no maintenance costs to worry about, no finance settlement or insurance payments, no annual relicensing, no additional costs when you travel (on same car group), no cancellation or early termination penalties, just send the car back and your rental bill stops there.

AND, it doesn't cost you more than you would spend to buy a car.

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