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New offering by Avis - CAR WHERE YOU ARE

Buying a vehicle is a huge financial commitment, especially in this tough economic climate. Paying monthly instalments and incurring maintenance, insurance and licencing costs will make a significant dent in your bank account. But Avis Rent a Car has the perfect alternative to vehicle ownership. Avis has launched a first to market, innovative Car Where You Are offering that is an alternative to owning a car. 

Car Where You Are offers customers a single long-term, vehicle rental agreement for three to 11 months, and it won’t cost them more than if they were to buy a vehicle, making it convenient and cost effective for SMMEs, corporates, those who do not want to own a vehicle and frequent travellers.
Another benefit for individuals and business people that fly frequently is that their vehicle will be available wherever their plane lands in South Africa. The vehicle can be returned in one city (on departure) and substituted in another city (on arrival) within South Africa. In addition, customers can upgrade the vehicle when needed. This means customers can take their family on vacation and get a car to cater to their needs, then return to the original vehicle size after the vacation. Other perks include, no bills for airport parking, no additional costs when travelling in the same car group and no cancellation or early termination penalties.

 “Customer service is at the heart of the business, and the Avis Car Where You Are offering enhances the car rental experience because it is convenient and makes financial sense. You can just send the car back and your rental bill stops there. The offering is the perfect substitute for vehicle ownership. Frequent flyers can rent a car where their plane lands and return it on departure in any city in South Africa.” Says, Rainer Gottschick, Chief Executive Officer, Avis Rent a Car southern Africa.

Avis Car Where You Are