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Choosing the right vehicle can be a risk-free process if you choose to buy from the right pre-owned dealerships.

A common misconception about pre-owned vehicles is that they’re old and unpredictable. The truth is that there are specialized, established dealerships providing vehicles with all the features of a new vehicle, at far more affordable prices.

The key to finding reliable pre-owned vehicles is looking out for roadworthiness, regular servicing and low mileage.

An established player in the automotive market is Avis Car Sales. The company sells quality pre-owned vehicles, giving the customer peace of mind and value for money. Their latest model pre-owned vehicles have only been driven for about a year in the Avis Rent a Car business and they offer roadworthy vehicles that have been regularly serviced, with guaranteed low mileage.

All Avis Car Sales vehicles are passed as roadworthy before sale, and the balance of the factory warranties and service plans will still be in place. Depending on the vehicle, that balance could be anything from two years to four years. That means that all planned services, as well as warranty claims, can be honoured with the manufacturer, as required.

To confirm this, when buying a vehicle, ask to see your prospective vehicles’ full history. At Avis Car Sales, for instance, the dealer systems record all services and declare every repair that’s done to a vehicle, be it a bumper repair, panel beating or glass replacement.

If you play your cards right, and buy from the reputable dealerships, it is possible to pick up a pre-owned vehicle that offers the full range of new car benefits – guaranteed low mileage, recent model year, roadworthiness, full, regular service history- at a fraction of the cost of a new vehicle.

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