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Introducing Avis Mobile Wi-Fi

Book a Mobile Wi-Fi for only R120 per day!

Our Mobile Wi-Fi package offers wireless internet access for laptops, smartphones, tablets and any other Wi-Fi-enabled device. Enjoy the freedom of mobile connectivity in or out of your hire car, without exorbitant roaming or hotel data charges. 


Travelling for business? 


Turn your hire car into a mobile office, staying in touch with your office and your clients on the go. Take a break to answer emails, send sizeable presentations or join a video conference.


Driving with kids?


Keep the little ones entertained on long journeys with cartoons streamed onto a tablet or laptop; older children can stay tuned with their Facebook and Instagram feeds, stream music, watch videos or play online games.


Travelling somewhere new?


Open up a GPS application like Google Maps on your smartphone and enjoy turn-by-turn navigation for your journey without draining your own data allowance.

How much does it cost?

Book and rent your Mobile Wi-Fi for only R135 per day!


What you get:

  • A mobile Wi-Fi device, carrying case and a USB charger
  • Connect up to 10 devices at once – laptops, smartphones, tablets or gaming consoles
  • 1GB of data per day
  • 6-hour battery life battery, rechargeable via USB or any electrical socket, so you can recharge it in your vehicle if it supports USB inputs
Mobile Wi-fi Device