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Child seats

Avis stocks a range of quality baby,  child and booster seats to fit the younger members of your family. Simply request the seats you need at the time of booking.

Reserve a seat online by ticking the Child Seat request box on the “Pricing and Optional Extras” page of the booking engine. Or, request a seat onto a new or existing reservation by calling Avis direct.

If you are unsure which child seat would be the best fit, take a look at the general specifications further down this page.
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Child restraint law amended

The seat-belt is the single most effective feature in a vehicle to reduce the severity of injury to the vehicle occupants that results from road traffic crashes. There are a number of different types of restraints - The main determining factor for choice of a child restraint is the child’s weight. Older children who are above the height and weight specifications for using child restraints require a properly fitting three-point lap and diagonal seat-belt when riding in a vehicle.

It is also important that child restraints be used correctly – If a child is restrained in the wrong system for its age or weight, or the straps or harnesses are not adequately secured or entirely left undone, it will place the child at an increased risk of both fatal and non-fatal injuries. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing a restraint and placing your child in it.

South African legislation

The Transport Department has amended the National Road Traffic Act, making it mandatory for motorists to strap children under the age of 3 into specialised car seats when they are driving. Parents who do not strap in their children will be slapped with a hefty traffic fine. The fine process would follow the current process and the customer will remain liable. It is a requirement that everyone in a vehicle should wear the required seatbelts.