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What is Avis GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) uses 24 satellites that circumnavigate the earth from space to pinpoint the receiver’s position on the earth’s surface. This information is coupled with mapping technology provides for auto-routing (voice directing turn-by-turn) navigation on all South African major, primary and secondary roads with mapping detail of more than 1000 South African cities, towns and rural villages. This includes all the South African metro’s, cities, major and secondary towns and no less than 759 rural Towns and villages and nearly 300 000km of road data. The mapping offers unrivalled coverage and is extremely user-friendly


Travel throughout South Africa with Avis GPS Satellite Navigation. Find your way to the best sights, places and venues.


Only R140 per day!


There’s less wasted travel time for business renters and more peace of mind for leisure travellers.

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