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On his self-drive safari through Khutse and Kgalagadi National Parks

Khutse and Kgalagadi National Park self-drive Adventure

This was the third time that we have made use of the AVIS Ford Ranger 4x4 bush camper automatic version, which has guided us safely on all of our safaris.

If you are not an experienced 4x4 driver this is the car to rent, it will do most of the work for you. It has great comfort and setting up your camp is really easy, within 5 minutes your fire is burning and you're enjoying an ice cold beer.

There is also a lot of space in the fridge, almost double that of most other vehicles on the market.

I've never had any issues with this car on any of my trips. AVIS provides a great quality product and service, as you can expect from them.

Next trip booked for July 2018 Zambia/Zimbabwe but this time with a Land Cruiser bush camper.

To give you an idea what you might expect in wonderful Africa c
heck out my lastest self-drive adventure with the Ford Ranger Bush camper.

- Johan Seekles