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For just R 20 a day you get...

Safety Features

  • ImpactAlert - Immediate assistance if your vehicle is in a severe accident
  • Panic button - Press your phone's power button 5 times for in-vehicle emergency
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Access to the Avis 24 hour emergency call centre

And earn great rewards for driving well

  • A daily score of 80 or more unlocks rewards such as a free coffee, smoothie or meal, daily
  • You can earn discretionary rewards from Avis based on great driving behaviour
Avis SafeDrive

What is Avis SafeDrive?

Avis SafeDrive is a smartphone app available on Android and IOS.

Through the app you will be able to access your trip data, see your driving scores, what you can do to improve them and redeem your daily rewards.

The app will also use your phone and the Avis SafeDrive Sensor to alert us of any severe impacts, turn your phone into a panic button for in-vehicle emergencies and give you access to the 24 hour emergency centre, ensuring you're safe while driving.

You will get all of this for just R20 per day!

Download Avis SafeDrive on Android


Download the Avis SafeDrive Android app and view required settings

Download Avis SafeDrive on iPhone


Download the Avis SafeDrive IOS app and view required settings

Find out if your phone is compatible with Avis SafeDrive

Compatible Smartphones

Find out if your phone is compatible with Avis SafeDrive