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Celebrate Romance This Valentine's Day

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday so you can opt for a single date or a whole weekend of romance. Here are some ideas from Avis to get your love wheels turning…

Higher love If you’re adventurous, book a trip on a hot-air balloon – nothing says “romance” like floating on air, sipping champagne. Or, if you and your significant other feel the need for a different view, hop on a helicopter and see your city from above.

Luxe it up Booking a table at a great restaurant is an old classic, but why not take it up a notch? Rent a wildly luxurious vehicle, dress to the nines and end your evening with a five-star hotel experience. Live like you’re celebs in a romcom movie, without the burden of the paparazzi!

A love throwback Fill up a flask with hot chocolate, pack snacks and head to the nearest ice rink to revisit your youth, holding hands as you glide around the rink. Just remember to take really thick socks and plenty of plasters!

Gourmet picnic in the park Pack some blankets and a basket of your favourite food and head to your nearest botanical garden to savour the romance of nature. To make a day of it, explore your local delicatessens together and find some new and unusual dishes to stash in your basket.

Be a culture vulture¬ Go see to the opera, theatre production or ballet, or plan a visit to a museum or gallery. Nothing says romance like having a cultural experience together – especially if you follow this up with a gourmet meal.

Book a couple’s spa If you and your beloved are always caught up in a mad rush, take a break – spend the day together being pampered and unwinding. 

We’ll always have Parys Whatever province you live in, South Africa is full of great places to visit for the weekend – interesting small towns, game reserves, wine estates – so look around for an appealing destination nearby and make a booking. You don’t need to take a long, tedious flight to another country to experience a romantic getaway.  

Do not disturb Not keen to head out of town? Book a hotel in your own city, pack a suitcase and pretend you’re tourists in your own backyard. Buy a city guide, shop at markets, visit the sights and eat in restaurants you’ve never seen before. Then pick up some cheesy souvenirs to remind yourselves of your trip!

Glamp or camp End off your day chatting around a fire, before sleeping under the stars. Camping is a great way to experience South Africa’s wilderness, and almost all our national parks offer safe and pleasant campsites. And, if you’re really after adventure, why not rent a four-wheel drive and head for those hard-to-reach locations, where only the hardcore explorers usually venture?

Whether your love is brand new or tried and tested, and whether your budget is unlimited or basically zero, take time out to celebrate your relationship this Valentine’s Day. Romance is a state of mind, after all…

Celebrate Romance This Valentines