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Take the Western Cape's Seaside Adventure with Avis

Experience the Western Cape's seaside without getting your feet wet

The world’s most beautiful beaches and rarest marine life can be seen on a drive across the Western Cape this holiday season with Avis. A feast for the senses, the drive to Hermanus has been identified as one of the best holiday roads to drive.

There is no better place to have your first or next encounter with the gentle giants of the oceans. Known as the best place for spotting Southern Right Whales, Hermanus is located approximately 120km outside of Cape Town. Driving along the coastline, gives you an uninterrupted view of the breath taking sights of the whales. It is a sight to behold whether they are breaching, sailing, lob-tailing, spouting or spy-hopping, you can experience the beauty in their every movement.

Once a small seaside town, Hermanus, has over the years, fast become one of the most popular tourist destinations for whale watching. The slow drive in an Avis vehicle through the seaside town will take you on sensory adventure as you pass the pristine beaches that come alive in summer. The usually mild, Mediterranean climate and coastal-and-mountain location, will ensure a comfortable journey. In addition, exploring the roads of the Dyer Island Nature Reserve in the Cape Overberg will reveal enthralled views of the southern coastline of South Africa. Wind down your windows and the opportunities for photographic journals are endless throughout the trip.

Designed to encourage driving breaks, this stretch of the coast gives you the opportunity to be enchanted by the Marine Big 5, sharks, seals, dolphins, penguins and whales as you cruise in your Avis vehicle along the calm setting of marine heaven. It is probably one of the only places in the world where the ocean’s giants come together. While Gansbaai is famous for sightings of whales and the Great White shark, drive through the remote and lesser known villages to discover the gems of the Overberg.
Make the most of the best holiday roads, whatever road you choose to take and explore the alluring aquatic and natural scenery available to you in South Africa.

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Gaansbaai Mountain Range