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Avis Luxury Cars introduces the iconic Mustang to its fleet

Avis Luxury Cars customers now have an opportunity to get behind the wheel of the sleek and powerful Ford Mustang. This majestic beast of a vehicle has recently been added to the Avis Luxury Cars’ already impressive fleet, for a never-to-be-forgotten exhilarating drive.

The Ford Mustang has been designed to engage all the senses, with its pulse-racing torque and legendary roar. Avis Luxury Cars customers are in for a thrill as they now have an opportunity to take this beast roaring to the roads.

Forward-leaning, hard-charging, free-breathing, and incredibly streamlined – this is the bold interpretation of this masterpiece of a vehicle and hits the road running with a sleek, agile body designed for performance.

The Mustang boasts impressive aerodynamics, with an aggressive, energetic stance. Its form is refined – as a result of being painstakingly sketched and sculpted. The car’s performance is enhanced by subtle elements like the wheel aero curtains – vertical slots at the outer edges of the front fascia that create a high-pressure region that holds
airflow closer to the body and minimise drag.

“The Mustang is a marvel of engineering - the stunning result of form and function flowing seamlessly together; a world-class design ready to be unleashed on the world. This masterpiece speaks volumes about your status as the driver. Our customers will certainly find this new addition to our fleet a breathtaking opportunity to experience exquisite performance that comes with Avis Luxury Cars,” comments Rebone Motsatsi, Executive Commercial, Avis Rent a Car southern Africa

The Mustang comes in a variety of engine options, with the 6-speed automatic transmission. With the 2.3 litre EcoBoost and GT 5.0 litre V8 engines currently gracing the Avis Luxury Cars fleet

Sudden manoeuvres, heavy traffic, challenging road and weather conditions are a breeze with the Mustang making it an ideal vehicle for South African consumers.  Its sophisticated handling technologies work to ensure driver control, for a carefree drive.

Holding to the road with ease, thanks to its fully independent, integral-link rear suspension. Based on a lower H-arm, a vertical link, an upper chamber link and a toe link, this state-of-the-art setup helps the car deliver enhanced anti-squat and anti-lift properties - which gives it better pitch control during hard acceleration and braking.

For added pleasure, the Mustang comes in a choice between hard-top and convertible, to give our customers the freedom to choose the option that best suits their desires and lifestyles. For ease and convenience, the Mustang also boasts keyless entry and Push-start button elements that let you get in and start the car effortlessly.

“We are excited to introduce the Ford Mustang to our Luxury Cars fleet. At Avis Luxury Cars, we are always looking to introduce new and exciting vehicle choices. We make decisions with our customers’ needs and desires in mind. We have no doubt they will welcome this new addition,” says Motsatsi.

The desire to be behind the wheel of an iconic vehicle such as the Ford Mustang can become a reality by booking here.
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