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Unlock the World with Avis this Winter

 South Africa is a country of beauty and adventure any day of the year. Avis has recognized this and this winter is giving its customers one of ten experiences and additional winning opportunities for FNB, RMB Private Bank and eBucks members.
The Avis winter campaign includes a competition, which urges customers to rent, transfer or buy from Avis, during 1 June to 31 August 2016. Customers are then automatically entered into a draw to stand a chance to win one of ten unforgettable weekend getaways for two driving one of South Africa’s Best Roads.
Additionally, FNB, RMB Private Bank and eBucks Rewards members stand a chance of winning a self-drive weekend adventure. The possibilities with Avis are endless because eBucks Rewards members also receive up to 40%* off on their Avis car rental throughout the year.
There is no reason for winter blues because Avis has its customers fired up with endless exploration opportunities. Rent, buy or transfer with Avis and unlock the world this winter.
*Discounts exclude all taxes. Terms and Conditions apply.