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Digging into Details of SA's most liberating scenic route

There’s something liberating about venturing gradual slopes that gives one an accessible and intimate feel. If the road leading up to Mpumalanga’s most famous pass calls some to move, it is surely those who revel in its beauty, who makes everyone envious for driving South Africa’s Best Road along the mountainous peaks of Long Tom Pass.
Journeying on the R37 towards Long Tom Pass reveal the wonders of creation that are often forgotten. Unbelievably beautiful mountain vistas and a jaw-dropping elevation of 2150 meters above sea leave on Long Tom Pass make this one of South Africa’s most scenic Best Roads to Drive as quantified by Avis’ scientific approach aptly termed, Avis Driving Ratio (ADR).
With 26km of stretch ahead of you intertwined in 34 bends, this road could easily get a nod of approval for a James Bond-style action flick. Named after the famous large silver cannon which can be located at the top of the pass, the R37 is a perfectly surfaced road giving you one spectacular panoramic view after another. 
Scenery is as stunning as you’d expect on a route that connects the charming town of Sabie to the historical villages of Pilgrim's Rest and Graskop, known to many as the town of the gourmet pancake. It is a road typically shrouded in heavy mist and can be dangerous in low visibility conditions. With that in mind, Avis advises drivers to always adopt best driving practice of reducing driving speed and have all lights on when confronted with such conditions. 
Whether it’s a complex network of sharp descents or the exhilarating S-curve and skirts, join Avis on an adventure of a lifetime to find your next dream road trip on the South Africa’s Best Roads to Drive.
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Long Tom Pass

Long Tom Pass is situated in the Mpumalanga province, on the Regional Road R37 between Lydenburg and Sabie. At the top of the Long Tom Pass is a large silver cannon called The Long Tom. That was the British name for this Boer-operated field gun that fired a 38kg shell for 10km and was the bane of British generals and their brigades.

The Long Tom Pass was built between Lydenburg and Sabie as an alternative route for the waggoners of the 1800s to get through to the Mozambican port of Lourenco Marques (now Maputo) for trade. The exquisite Horseshoe Falls are found along the Sabie River in the Mpumalanga province. These falls are found 4kms off the Old Lydenburg Road, signposted on the left side. Another popular tourist attraction is the Mac Mac Falls, named for the feisty Scottish miners who panned for gold here in the 1870s gold rush.