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Ditch the tour guide and follow your heart through Cape Town

The road is calling and you must go. Take a turn towards Cape Town’s unrivaled scenery. Travel by road and experience the Mother City’s natural setting and scenic splendor that has long been a draw card for the city’s tourism. The best part? You get to take in its road trip potential, recently explored by Avis during its search for South Africa’s Best Roads to Drive.
Head towards the Cape Peninsula, between Hout Bay and Noordhoek for one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world. An eleven kilometer stretch that sees you skirt the 24 curves that embody Chapman’s Peak will gently unfold breathtaking views along the rocky coastline. Scenic stretches of ocean glory reveal secrets in both directions, making this a heart stopping drive. Initially constructed during the First World War, the “Chappies” drive is a must for those who want to experience what commitment, patience and time can do.
Crossing mountains for a change of scenery, the Western Cape continues to reveal its treasures throughout the search for the Best Road in South Africa. Quickly engulfed by the views of surrounding valleys at Franschoek Pass, a look out your window will see you staring at the drop down to the river below. As the mountain continues to deliver jaw dropping views, the view of Franschoek from the pass, gives you reasons to get off the grid - making it a popular road trip destination with Avis.
Evaluated using a scientific approach aptly termed, Avis Driving Ratio (ADR), Franschoek Pass and Chapman’s Peak highlight the best of Cape Town. This magnificent city has the perfect combination of everything that you could ever want for a road trip, no tourist guidebook does it any justice. Whatever road you choose, endeavor to explore them with Avis. On South Africa’s Best Roads, you are a winner.

Chapman's Peak

Affectionately known as “Chappies”, Chapman’s Peak Drive is widely regarded as one of the most scenic stretches of road winding through the Atlantic Coast between Hout Bay and Noordhoek in the Cape Peninsula. It is one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world and a must-see for anyone who is passionate about the majestic scenery of Cape Town. The twists and curves in the road seem endless and it is a photographers dream.

From stunning vantage points, some of which are up to 593m above sea level, Chapman’s Peak Drive and the surrounding coastal areas offer excellent whale watching spots during the annual whale season in Cape Town. Aptly named after John Chapman, the Captain’s mate of an English ship the Consent, construction of Chappies began in 1915 and, after several years of work, it was officially opened by the governor-general of what was then the Union of South Africa, Prince Arthur of Connaught and Strathearn.