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Avis drives the Water Efficiency Movement forward

Leading car rental company, Avis is fast advancing the movement, encouraging a longer term water efficiency ethic in its business, In the 2015 financial year, Avis saved more than 148 million litres of water by harvesting water in their wash bays at Avis Head Office, Cape Town International, King Shaka International and Port Elizabeth Airports. This sees an increase of approximately 32 million litres of water saved year on year.avis-drives-the-water-efficiency-movement-forward.
For Avis, the implementation of water conservation measures has been an ongoing effort. Between 2007 and 2015, Avis saved a staggering 706 million litres of water. 
After examining its water usage at its car-washing facilities in 2007, Avis installed the latest water-recycling technology which reduced the amount of fresh water used per wash. While fresh clean water has to be used in the ‘final rinse arch,’ recycled water is used during the ‘pre-soak’ and ‘shampoo’ stages. 
Today, the Avis car wash process machines recycle up to 85% of the water used which is cleaned to about 90% clarity and has reduced the need for municipal water significantly. 
Rainer Gottschick Avis Chief Executive, Southern Africa says, “At Avis, we have adopted a holistic approach to water management in an effort to conserve our country’s most precious resource. Our water recycling initiative is aimed at limiting any impact on the local water supply system”.
“Water conservation and management is something we take really seriously at Avis. We urge businesses across South Africa to follow suit and save water where possible. Rainwater harvesting is just one part of a holistic solution to saving one of South Africa’s most essential commodities,” concludes Gottschick.
Avis systems build for water efficiency