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Avis Sponsors The Gift of Mobility

 Imagine not being able to walk, stand or run as a child, this has been a reality for seven-year-old Tshepo Rasebeka as he had a congenial birth defect that resulted in the amputation of his legs. On Thursday 18 August 2016, Tshepo received a new lease on life and was afforded the gift of mobility.
Avis sponsored Tshepo with prosthetic legs from Jumping Kids and the fitment took place at The Innovation Hub in Tshwane. The young boy was discovered at the Jumping Kids clinic at Steve Biko and with the fitment, he’ll receive opportunities of development that may see him become a star athlete following in the steps of Ntando Mahlangu.
In 2012, Avis sponsored Ntando Mahlangu and he has worked to become an athlete deserving of a spot on the South African team competing at the Rio Paralympics in September. He too was present at Tshepo’s fitment showing the possibilities that lie ahead for young Tshepo with the gift of mobility and the right amount of dedication.
“The funding we receive from Avis, their consistent support over the years and the ability to use their vehicles when we work outside of Johannesburg has allowed Jumping Kids to have a much bigger impact than we would otherwise have been able to. By supporting Jumping Kids, Avis helps us deliver to all the children we assist,” says Michael Stevens, Jumping Kids Operations.
Avis will be monitoring the progress Tshepo makes with his prosthetic fitment and continue to strengthen their long standing relationship with Jumping Kids.