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Avis Chauffeur Driven Services Terms and Conditions

Avis Chauffeur Drive Terms and Conditions


1.    Interpretation
1.1    “Avis” means: Zenith Car Rental (Pty) Ltd trading as Avis Chauffeur Drive (Reg. Nr. 2019/420358/07).
1.2    “the official rates brochure” means: “Chauffeur Drive” official brochure on rental/transfer rates and other general information issued by Chauffeur Drive from time to time and which is current at the commencement of the transfer period;
1.3    “the transfer period” means: the period from the time/date the passenger is picked up from an agreed location and is dropped off at a location.


2.    Service charges
2.1    The service charges payable by the passenger shall be a charge calculated for the whole of the transfer period at the rates and on the basis set out in the official rates brochure and/or the quotation, whichever is applicable, and is based on zones and/or time spent, whichever is applicable.
2.2    All charges payable by the passenger shall be payable by means of credit card, Avis charge card or account on the termination of the transfer unless Avis is in possession of a valid and acceptable voucher issued by a third party.
2.3    In the event of a “no show” for any reason whatsoever, the passenger will be liable for the full amount of quoted service charge.


3.    Indemnity
3.1    Neither Avis nor any of its directors, officers, employees, servants or agents shall be liable for any loss or damage (including any loss or damage to property left or transported in the vehicle, loss of life), whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise arising from the transfer, including, without limitation, any defect in and/or mechanical failure of the vehicle (howsoever arising and of whatever nature) or the failure of Avis to detect defects in or mechanical problems with the vehicle and whether such loss or damage results from breach of contract or delict, which may be suffered by the passenger and/or any third party.
3.2    Avis, its directors, officers, employees, servants, contractors or agents are accordingly indemnified by the transferee/passenger or his estate against any claim of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising for any damages or loss which might be instituted against it arising from or connected with or pursuant to the transfer.


4.    Surety and co-principal debtor
If the passenger enters into this agreement on behalf of any principal, including any disclosed and/or any undisclosed principal, he shall be personally liable jointly and severally with his principal.