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When you need a bakkie, van, truck or 4x4, let us take the load off your mind. Select the vehicle you're looking for from our extensive fleet and meet our Brand Ambassadors who are ready to exceed your expectations with their "We Try Harder" work ethic.

Avis Van Rental have now introduced 5 and 8 ton trucks at selected locations.

Benefits of renting commercial or delivery vehicles
  • Overcome the stringent FICA and new Credit Act requirements
  • Vehicles only 3 years old / 120 000km ensuring the newest models are available (Trucks +5 years / 400 000km)
  • All vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained therefore no maintenance responsibility
  • No capital outlay - keep the cash in your business
  • Monthly rental is an operating expense - a tax friendly consideration
  • Risk of re-sale remains with Avis
  • Utilise your assets to the maximum, and rent only when you need the vehicle
  • Trailer for rent assures you of a reliable service that meets your transport requirements every time
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