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Collect Avios as you rent

Collect 1 Avios per R10 spent on Avis car rental

Avis will award 1 Avios per R10 spent on Avis rentals. As awards are applied centrally from the United Kingdom then technically the awards are based on 3 Avios per £1 spent. If the rental is not paid in pounds sterling, then the currency will be changed to pounds sterling at the Avis exchange rate applicable on date of rental commencement (the date the car is collected). The final rental value used to calculate the Avios award will exclude any charges for damage (actual damage charges or insurance excesses charged due to damage) and will exclude all taxes.

Avis will award a minimum of 500 Avios for 1-2 day qualifying rentals and a minimum of 700 Avios for 3+ day qualifying rentals, a maximum of 10,000 Avios will be awarded per qualifying rental.

Post-rental, if any adjustments to the value of that rental are made (e.g. a refund is made by Avis Customer Services) then the appropriate Avios award adjustment will be credited or debited from your Avios member's account as necessary.
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