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Ride Like a Pro with Avis Van Rental

Avis Van Rental announces winner in the "Ride Like a Pro" at joBerg2c competition

Avis Van Rental recently invited mountain bike enthusiasts to stand a chance of winning a team entry for the highly anticipated 2017 Old Mutual Joberg2c.

Entries were received from across South Africa and as far afield as the UK; Mauritius; Australia; Norway; Austria and Namibia, a testament to the reputation of the event and the magnificent route that it takes across our beloved country.

A common thread in each entry was the passion that these athletes have for the sport and all it embraces – from scenic single-track to the comradery and life experience that comes with mountain biking.

We are proud to announce our winner, Tyrone Johns, member of the Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park where he coaches local kids in BMX and mountain bike riding. Tyrone doesn’t have a partner yet. He will challenge the Giba Development Programme riders for a chance to partner him at Joberg2c 2017. In his motivation Tyrone said, “What I really want is to change the life of one of my MTB Athletes forever by winning this opportunity of a lifetime. I want to show South Africa and the world that opportunity breeds success and that being proudly South African is not just about handouts but about hard work, dedication and determination.”

Tyronne and his team mate have also won custom Avis Van Rental cycling kit and the use of a Safari Van Rental vehicle for the duration of the event. The vehicle has comfortable rooftop tents, a fridge, personal packing space and a driver to move and set up the vehicle for them in each race village.
Avis ride like a pro winner